Welcome to Odds and Ends, a side order of crunchberrymusic.com!

This is where you'll find all the projects that are outside the Crunchberry Warm and Fuzzy home... projects that we didnt think we could slot in with the group material. A lot of it goes back many years, and since the icomposition website went offline, we havent had a place to showcase it until now. So enjoy!

The Un-Crunchberry Album Collection

What we have here is the material that has been recorded outside of Crunchberry, or redone by other musicians. Some of it was done at the Lizard Lounge, some out west, some at Walkingstar Studios, and some at various apartments over the years. Groove on...!

  • Big Dumb Rock cover
  • The material on Hindsight had been in progress for some time, but once the pandemic hit, we went into lockdown for almost 4 weeks in the beginning and i had plenty of time to wrap a lot of this material up. I've since begun another dozen or so tunes, but this was the material that was begging to be taken off the table. Some of it i quite like.
  • (1) Hello You Hello Me This track might be one of my favourites. I was going for a real Robbie Williams vibe, uptempo with a horn section and some big vocals. Crunchberry had a Robbie williams song in the set with some horns on a backin track and i always enjoyed playing that. I think this one turned out great.
  • (2) Up in Smoke My homage to ZZ Top and Scooby Doo, two great american institutions. It not about Cheech and Chong though. The lyrics, stupid as they are, took a long time to figure out within the tune.
  • (3) Earth in View Here is another tune that i really dig. I thought the drum sound on this turned out really well. I feel like it needs another layer of backing vocals on it to spread it out, but i'm still happy with it. I had the melody and first line for ages, but no song, until i saw the movie Moon, with Sam Rockwell, and it wrote itself in about an hour.
  • (4) The Patio This is an alternate version of I Think it's You that i thought i lost. I found it and was shocked to hear how different the two versions were.
  • (5) Black Pepper If you can believe it, this is a song using the names of my two cats that i turned into a smutty double entendre. And for the record, i was called White Chocolate by strippers in the past.
  • (6) We're Gonna Groove This number just has a good flow for me, another nod to ZZ Top, one great American institution.
  • (7) Run with it Somehow, Frankie PDK provided the inspiration for this through some discussion we had about running with scissors, maybe he said it was a good lyric or something. When i played it for him, he had zero recollection of ever having the conversation. Go figure.
  • (8) It's a full time job (keeping it real) The title came from something drumgirl said, and it stuck. Obviously it's about hipster doofi.
The Fog Machine
  • Fog Machine cover
  • The Fog Machine project arose out of material that was left over from the days of Fist Full of Lizard. Frankie and Marcel were still involved with the Lamonts and we were sort of sharing The Lizard Lounge with them. Sheets of lyrics and partially recorded tunes started to take shape once Walkingstar Studios was up and running.
  • (1) Everything Eighties Everything Eighties took about 3 tries to get it right. If you had your teen years in the eighties, you'll get most of the references in this tune, espcially if you had eyes and ears and a TV.
  • (2) SUV SUV was written in response to what i saw in certain neighbourhoods around the city, with the let's say fancy ladies, in their colossal vehicles. It has a great guitar playing on here by PDK, and i clearly was paying homage to ZZ Top's 'TV Dinners'
  • (3) V is for vintage This tune was just a response to my crying kid, when they finally get on your last nerve. Kind of has a Bryan Adams vibe to it, which i liked. This was one of the tunes that was recorded in the Lizard Lounge. At some point we had a Yahama DAW we called the beast. It always had a very identifiable drum sound, nice and tight and clean.
  • (4) TV Baby This song was recorded at Walkingstar Studios. I thought it had a great 80's sound and the drums sounded big and thumpy. This was another tune inspired by the worlds greatest babysitter, television!
  • (6) Alice the Werecat Alice the Werecat sat for a long time in the where are they now bin. I always thought it was great, but it ended up getting overlooked. It's full of oddball percussion, washboard, toy cymbals, springs and toy bongos. I like the vocals on this one. I had been reading about Warren Zevon and Werewolves of London, and this tune just popped out.
  • (6) Scranton This was based on the tv show 'The Office' which i was watching a lot of at the time. More or less i was trying to copy elements of 'We are the Champions' as an experiment. Don't know if it worked or not. Vocals were hard to get the way i liked.
  • (7) The Spider and the Fly This might be the longest tune i've written, but i guess technically it's 4 short songs. It was the last tune produced on 'The Beast' in the Lizard Lounge before we got "a new beast', recorded over many weeks. I think the guitar solo's were all done at Walkingstar, but all the bed tracks and most of the vocals were done at the Lounge. The lyrical content doesn't have any basis in reality. I liked the idea of the spider and the fly so i had to turn it into a little rock soap opera!
  • (8) I'm not Cryin' This might be my one of my favourites from this era. Robbo loaned me an 8-string bass which i lurved! Plus it has it all, handclaps, chuck berry guitar, hints of elton john, hoots and yelling! mmm delightful!
  • (9) Perfect This was another tune recorded in the Lizard Lounge, taken from a set of lyrics from Mark Gillespie, from the Fist Full of Lizard days. Thought the keyboard noodles sounded too much like dreaded Coldplay, but what can you do... the heart wants what it wants! I think PDK is doing the guitar noodles on this as well, so i guess it coulda been a Crunchberry number.
  • (10) Boyband Boyfriend Drumgirl provided the inspiration for this tune from a catty comment at a Christmas Party, about a couple who we thought we only in it for the image. Gave me a chance to throw in some boyband imagery into the lyrics. This was recorded at the Lizard Lounge and PDK did the second guitar solo it, but the percussion was recorded at Walkingstar Studios.
  • (11) Fast Track Mama This song was built around an old Subway Sandwiches ad featuring Jon Lovitz, who uttered the immortal phrase 'Fast Track Mama'. Love it. So here we have it... turned it into a cautionary tale with a funkified Lenny Kravitz type play out.
Coast to coast
  • Coast to Coast cover
  • David Godfrey had done a couple gigs with Crunchberry, and was always a great guy to jam with. Once he moved out west, for about 12 months he and I were working on material. He'd send me completed tracks, and I would work out the lyrics and the main melodies. I'd send him all the vocals i recorded, and he'd whip up these fantastic sounding numbers.
  • (1) AMP This tune turned out really well. It helps that he had a killer tune already to go. I recall that i had pulled a muscle and was reclining in a lounger to reduce the pain, and i just figured out the tune lying there looking at the water. Odd, considering it is a fairly downtown kinda song.
  • (2) Planet America This was the first song he sent me. I had a whole collection of lyrics for about 7 songs that were going to make up a sort of 2112 kind of concept callen Planet America. I managed to get some of them to gel with his track and it turned out great. He submitted this finished song to a songwriters collective that analyses structure and overall appeal of the song, and it scored a 9 out of 10.
  • (3) Living in the city This song might have my favourite chorus on it that he sent. Once i had worked out the lyrics and melodies, and sent it back he said he needed a PG version as well, so i re-recorded some of it for more impressionable ears. don't know what happened to that version. I couldnt find it in my archives.
  • (4) Concrete Playground Concrete Playground was the title of the track Dave sent me, so i kept it and wrote the rest of the tune around that idea. It's loosely about 9/11 but i could be any big city story.
  • (5) Tangerine I wrote the lyrics for this based off one of my favourite movies, 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Sci-fi romance at its most weird. I'm not above stealing from film ideas. If Robert Plant can write about Lord of the Rings over and over, then everything is fair game.
  • (6) Breaking Bad This was also pinched from the television show, although I never watched it. The chorus kind of wrote itself and then i had to write the rest of the lyrics around that.
  • (7) One Hit Wonder This is the remake Dave did from the old Crunchberry number, swapping out the weirdness i had in there and crunching it up. Turned out pretty good except i didnt like the drum sound he replaced me with. He's a great guitar player, and remixing it really livened it up.
Welcome to Venus
  • Welcome to Venus cover
  • This was originally the last of the "Songs in the key of Jeff" volumes... i think number 7. It was shopped around and it looked like it was getting some traction for commercial purposes, tv and whatnot, but it turned out the engineer was shilling for the recording studio he was working at and just wanted to sell some time, so the whole thing unravelled. Too bad. Most of the material on here was about the end of a relationship and the fallout from it... and some of it is just silly. I don't think there are any real drums on any of this material. Just programmed parts. A lot of it was recorded just to keep busy.
  • (1) Untitled This song was about the end of my first marriage. It was pretty stressful at the time. It's got some good bass playing though, if i pat myself on the back.
  • (2) Welcome to Venus This song was just pure juvenile rock silliness. I liked the boogie feel of it. If i had time, i'd re-record it and clean up some loose spots. I think we were rehearsing across the hall from Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars... i have a feeling i was going to to give it to them to record.
  • (3) Saturday Morning Dream Also nothing but silly wish fulfilment. Looking back i think most of these tunes were recorded on crappy pc spare parts and cheap microphones, in a barren spare bedroom with parquet floors. I had a cool Danelectro foot pedal that made all kinds of spacey sounds that i was plunking on everything.
  • (4) Accidental Romance This slowly took shape and i ended up moving to a new place and recording most of it there. The one thing that sticks out the most is having a bunch of coffee one weekend and working out most of the tune while in the shower. i didnt have to pay directly for water, so i would shower endlessly because i thought i was having good ideas in there.
  • (5) Three ring circus I'm not even sure what the motivation for this song was anymore, but it most likely was about the end of the relationship. I have a whole short story written out on the CD sleeve, very cinematic, trying to fit these ideas all together. On a side note, this song at least had some Simmons electronic drums on it, that i played. That was nice. Hope it didnt bother the downstairs neighbours. Screeching solo has a few flubs, but still sounds good to me.
  • (6) Clueless Another one about how things were going, whether this was about her or myself i can't remember. Probably both. It was clearly influenced by Tim Buckley's "I never asked to be your mountain'.
  • (7) Vanilla Swirl Listening to this now i think i was pretty angry about things. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Was kind of into the whole hip hop drum beats at the time.
Dot Wav
  • DotWav coverThis collection of songs was the companion piece for Welcome to Venus. It has four mulligans on it, re-do's from earlier volumes of tunes with tracks that were re-recorded in the new walkingstar studio. If you take those out, it a pretty small collection of new material. Some of it was from the last of the Fist Full of Lizard days with Mark Gillespie, when things sort of bounced into Crunchberry, but the lads didnt have much to do with these tunes so they landed here.
  • (1) Have i told U? This was recorded in transit between apartments. I moved 5 times in 2 years and getting all the gear set up and moved and broken down was getting to be a pain. This was directly inspired by the Beatles She Said She Said. I had seen Classic Albums Live in Toronto and the live version of it knocked me out. Hence this tune. The drums were recorded at the Lizard Lounge and got a great 70's sound. These were Frankie's Slingerland kit. Great sound.
  • (2) Cotton on Hook I recall working on this tune sitting on my balcony in one of my apartments. It was summer and i just plunked out there and noodled away. It's a bit oddball, with the harmonium sounding thing playing. I recall i had an amp modeler that i was just beginning to putter around with and got this kind of fender tweed solid state sound i liked.
  • (3) Illuminated I redid the drums on this track. I have a thing for goofy Ringo Starr backbeat snares and this fit right in there. A nod in the chorus to one of my fav's, Sloan, including happy claps. Wish i could redo the vocals now. Still like it. It's got the ol' backwards guitar solo on it!
  • (4) Carrie Anne This was one of the first songs i was really happy with. I re-did the vocal tracks and it has my simmons drums on it. There seems to be some kind of phase on the vocal tracks but i usually overlook it. I don't remember writing this or recording the original. I was afraid it was going to sound too much like The Hollies, but it didn't. I still would like to re-do the whole thing but who has the time!
  • (5) What may never be I re-recorded the drums on this tune at the Lizard Lounge. There had been a programmed track on it initially. Funny thing is the feel might be better but i think the programmed drums came out better in the mix. I was right into the drop D tuning for a long time, mostly ripping off Cream's Badge. You can clearly hear it here.
  • (6) End of the road This was written after a road trip to Point Clark lighthouse on Lake Huron, in the dark days of the unravelling of my marriage. I'm pretty sure i pinched the main chord pattern from some Canadian alt-rock artist at the time, but who it could be now is beyond me. This is one of the mulligans i did. I re-recorded the vocal tracks. The drums were done using my simmons electronic kit at the same old apartment. Sorry downstairs neighbours. Maybe that's why they went away once and let their clock radio alarm blare for 2 days.
  • (7) Down by the sea I can't remember what the motivation for this song was, but the gist of it is that this guy catches wind that his wife was having an affair by the seashore. I guess it comes from my "divorce' period. Makes sense. Don't like the bridge part anymore, would cut it out if i could, but i'm still pleased with the rest of it.
  • (8) Organic This tune was recorded in the Lizard Lounge. Somehow i ended up with this huge drum sound. I tried for ages to get it again, but i couldn't. Maybe the mics were in a sweet spot, or i somehow added some effect i can't remember. In any case, i added the guy talking at the beginning because i thought he sounded ominous and creepy and disturbed. Overall it sounds pretty depressing, like i was suicidal or something, but i wasn't. Just good imagery.
  • (9) The One (Remastered) This song was one of the covid remasters that i did. I always liked it but thought the original production on it was too flimsy. It was written and submitted for a songwriting contest at Mix 99 in Toronto that year. Obviously it didnt win if you're hearing it here. Pretty sure it's about wife number two.
  • (10) And so it goes... (Remastered) A part of my 'Sloan' period and now a covid remaster. I had a friend who was having troubles meeting someone that he enjoyed spending time with and when i was living on my own, it got me thinking. Ain't that the truth about the world? Ask around... most people suck... BUT... i think there is someone for everyone.
  • (11) God LP (Remastered) This song was written in a bout of insomnia one summer. I had an apartment on the top floor, the 22nd floor, and the air conditioner was a window unit in the other room, so i would either sleep on a pull out sofa, or stick an industrial fan in the hall and try to blow the cool air into the bedroom. At the time, it seemed like i was up all night. I probably wasnt but it felt like it, so i just lay on the bed sweating and plunking about on a small acoustic guitar. In the morning, i recorded it. The original vocals are still there, but it was remastered with some strings and a new guitar track. It was called God LP because the orginal tracks were so lo-fi it sounded like a scratchy album. I had been up all night after all.
  • (12) Left foot lead (Remastered) I don't recall the inspiration for this number. It was remastered to get rid of some seriously questionable vocal and guitar parts. I had an old Danelectro Hodad guitar with a Bigsby Tremolo that did not stay in tune very well, the strings would get caught on burrs on the tremolo and not go back, so the guitar was redone as well. You can hear the old Alesis D4 drum module and simmons Pads on this as well... that takes me back!

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